We are proud to collaborate with OnSurg

OnSurg is a comprehensive resource website, a social media community, and a curator of web content. They are the voice for a generation of surgeons prepared to advance care for their patients more than any generation before them. Surgical education will be transformed by the internet and mobile devices as profoundly as by Halsted in the late 1800′s. Likewise, social media is reinventing the surgical community – just ask their 40,000 global Facebook and Twitter followers.


OnSurg and its users are the center of a paradigm shift in communication, collaboration, education, and spirit. Hierarchies are flattening; institutions are re-gearing. Clinical resources and career networks, formerly difficult to access, appear daily all over the web. Individual surgeons once isolated by geography are participating in a global community. The internet is the common thread and OnSurg is the surgeon’s portal. Future surgeons visit OnSurg to connect with their peers and to find inspiration. Practicing general surgeons and surgeons-in-training seek relevant news and literature. Everyone seeks their place in a community – we all want stories, images, heroes, and knowledge. For general surgeons, OnSurg is that community. Our webpage features a calendar of global general surgery events, clinical and administrative resources, news and opinion, and career guidance.


OnSurg fosters professional pride, honors surgical history, and inspires the next generation of surgeons. OnSurg LLC is privately-owned and based in Phoenix, Arizona.